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Construction Storage for Contractors

Everyone could use a little extra space now and again, but that's especially true for contractors. If that sounds like your situation, there's good news: Self-storage is a perfect option for contractors in need of some elbow room.

Why General Contractors Use Self-Storage

Contractors turn to self-storage solutions for all kinds of reasons. Here are just a few examples:

Saving money

You have a few different options for storing your equipment, but some of them, like buying extra property to house vehicles, machinery, and tools, aren't financially viable. Self-storage, on the other hand, is good news for your tight budget. It allows you to pay for exactly what you need without committing to long-term arrangements that can become pricey over time.

Saving space

If you're constantly stepping over toolboxes or cramming things into the back of your vehicle, you know the value of extra space. Self-storage gives you a dedicated area where you can keep tools, machinery, materials, safety equipment, and anything else you just don't have room for.

Protecting big investments

Contractors invest a lot in top-notch tools and materials. Unfortunately, if those investments are left out in the elements between jobs, they can rot away--sometimes even literally. Self-storage helps you protect your investments by giving you space that's protected from bad weather, people with bad intentions, and more. Plus, with features like password-protected entry and video surveillance, you can rest assured that your mission-critical equipment will always be there when you need it.

Simplifying operations

Without self-storage, you might be running back and forth between multiple locations to get the equipment you need for a job. That's a huge waste of time and effort, and it makes day-to-day tasks exhausting. Instead, use self-storage to cut out all those extra steps, simplifying your operation and helping you serve clients with better results.

Improving flexibility

If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that flexibility is key--especially for contractors. Having self-storage space allows you to navigate your industry with more confidence, all because you have this extra space to use if something unexpected comes up. Plus, with everything organized and stored safely where it belongs, you'll have faster response times if a new opportunity presents itself.

Getting the Most From Self-Storage

Contractors have plenty to gain from self-storage solutions. However, with a little know-how, it's possible to get even more from a storage unit.

Keep it clean.

Remember to clean everything before putting it into storage. Dirty or wet tools can rust if left alone for too long, while other items can grow mold if exposed to dampness. Additionally, it's best to visit your self-storage unit on a regular basis to dust things off and do a little quick cleaning. Think of it like maintenance for your equipment.

Look into climate-controlled options.

Climate-controlled self-storage units add an extra layer of protection. In these units, your equipment will be safe from mold growth, warping, discoloration, rust, corrosion, and more. Plus, they're more comfortable to visit in Idaho's sizzling summers and chilly winters.

Organize ahead of time.

Although it might be tempting, it's best not to stack up your stuff and call it a day. Instead, plan out how you'll organize your self-storage unit before bringing your tools, equipment, or materials. That way, you'll have a framework to stick to so things don't get out of hand. Better yet, invest in shelving, bins, and other organizational tools to give everything a home. With these options at your disposal, you won't run the risk of losing things or ending up with a tangled mess of equipment.

Choose the right unit size.

You have plenty of units to choose from--so do a little research and think ahead before making your decision. Remember to consider current and future needs, measure your machinery or equipment and ask to see units in person so you can accurately judge the setup. Our storage calculator can help you get started.

Find Your Perfect Self-Storage Match

Are you a contractor in need of a little extra elbow room? Grab your tools, equipment, and machinery, and head on over to Premier Storage. We'll help you find your perfect self-storage match, all at a price that benefits your business (and your clients, too). Contact us today to set up a tour of our facility and explore your options.