How A Self Storage Unit Can Help You Downsize

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I think we can all agree that downsizing is not easy. We’ve all basically pack-bonded with our things, and now they have sentimental importance to us (if not actual, necessary importance). So, getting rid of them is hard. This is probably the same reason our moms save our baby teeth. No matter your reason for downsizing, choosing what stays and what goes can be challenging. But what if we told you that you don’t have to get rid of something just because it doesn’t fit in your new place? Let’s talk about how adding a storage unit to the family can help.

Reasons to Use a Storage Unit for Downsizing

Having a storage station at another location definitely has its benefits. Below, we’ve prepared some reasons you should consider a storage unit in your downsizing endeavors.

  • Save money. Why pay an excessive amount in rent just for a third bedroom that you only use to store tubs of seasonal decor and empty popcorn tins? Instead, downsize and put all those things that you only need once a year into storage.
  • You need to downsize, but you have too much stuff. We definitely get it—we love stuff too. If you need to downsize, just put all the stuff you are reluctant to part with into storage so that it’s handy when you want it.
  • You and your partner are moving in together. When this happens, you usually have two entire households worth of things. If you don’t want to get rid of certain things or plan to move into a larger place together in the future, a storage unit is the way to go.
  • The kids moved out. So, the kids are gone, and now you have a bedroom or two that you still have to dust even though they aren’t seeing any human interaction. It’s time to downsize, and get a storage unit for all that extra bedroom furniture and clothes that your kids will return for at some future, probably inconvenient, time.
  • Storing keepsakes. These can be items that you’re holding onto for sentimental value, things you’re saving for your kids, items you want to hide from your kids, or maybe some art pieces that you want to hold onto in case they’re going to be worth 500% more in the future.
  • Temporary item housing. A storage unit rental doesn’t always have to be a long-term relationship. It can be the home for all your belongings while you’re moving, living in a place temporarily, or wanting more time to sort through and decide what to keep. It can also house the items you’re wanting to sell or are waiting on a family member to grab but don’t have room for any longer.
If you’re like us, you like to know what you’re getting into before you’re into it. So, we have gathered some important info that will get you through the downsizing process and suited up with your new storage unit. Ready to rent? See our available units.

How to Downsize: Step By Step

Sometimes, we have no idea where to start with a process that we know will take an enormous amount of time. Thankfully, downsizing using a storage unit saves you time. Since you only have to pack and move, you get to skip the “have an emotional crisis on whether to keep or get rid of each item as you come across it” process. Here are some general steps to follow when downsizing into your storage unit.
  1. Inventory all your stuff. Or most of it in a general sense. Or just make a “this is definitely going to storage” list. a. If you inventoried all your things, mark what is going to the new home and what’s going to storage.
  2. Prepare the storage items accordingly: A) Take into account if you have a temperature-controlled unit, an inside unit, or an outside unit so you can ensure your temperature- or moisture-sensitive items are packed safely. B) Back your breakables in cardboard and soft stuff. You’ll probably want to label these parcels in super-obvious ways. So, when your child is looking for their tennis racket, they don’t accidentally break your beloved Fabergé eggs.
  3. Move the storage items before the new home stuff. Get them out of the way for you, your movers, or whichever group of people you bribed into helping you move. This streamlines the process.
  4. Pack those things into your new storage unit and pat yourself on the back.

Downsizing Storage Tips

Here are some quick storage lifehacks to keep in mind:
  • Measure all of your items so you can determine what size unit is best for you. Nothing is worse than getting a too-small unit and not having enough space for your VHS collection. And a too-large unit is a waste unless you plan on practicing your breakdance routine on the reg.
  • Create a map of where things are, if so inclined. This helps to locate things without having to put in any seek-and-find efforts. You can even get fancy and make it look like a treasure map.
  • Put essential or frequently needed items towards the front. I know you do not want to burrow through a mountain of items for that one thing you need.
  • Create a working path to the back. This is along the same vein as the previous tip. If you find that you really need that tire pressure gauge today, it’s best to have a way to it without causing an infrastructure collapse.
  • Install simple shelving racks in your unit to utilize every square inch. It’s up to you how intense you want them to be, but if you’re putting your entire weight room equipment on those babies, you want to ensure they can bear the load.
  • Stack from heavy to light. You do not want to play Jenga with your boxes, trust us. We’ve seen things.
  • Fill every empty space. Empty microwave? Sounds like an excellent spot for some quilts. TV console? It’s getting every nook filled with jigsaw puzzles. There’s no such thing as wasted space in our book.

Let Us Help

Storing your belongings farther away than your garage can be nerve-wracking. That’s why you should store with a company you can trust. Premier Storage is a reputable business with a wide variety of storage options to suit any storage need. Contact us today to set up a tour of our facilities.