Industries That Should Consider Storage Units

There are so many benefits to using storage for your small business, and it can vary over several types of industries. There are times when you have to store your equipment while in the middle of moving to new offices, when you want to reduce clutter, or when you need the extra space to work on more projects. Each business has its own reasons for investing in storage facility space.

5 Industries That Can Benefit From Using A Storage Unit


If you own a retail business, you always have to store your inventory somewhere. When sales pick up, your inventory grows, so you have to stash the extra piles in a separate space. You can also store older designs or signage in your storage unit if you’re about to install a new storefront. Your equipment and products will be safe in your storage space, and you can stop by the unit anytime to pick up your inventory when demand is high.


In the restaurant business, you always have to make adjustments so that your dining room space is presentable. In a storage unit, you can keep extra chairs and tables, large appliances, and decorations safely and neatly tucked away. Additionally, you can store kitchenware, cleaning supplies, canned goods, and other items that may take up space in your restaurant. Our climate-controlled spaces are also great for food items and wine bottles that need a level temperature.

Corporate Offices

If you work in a corporate setting, chances are you are going to need extra space for equipment, promotional materials, supplies, large desks, extra chairs, electronics, documents, and other items from the office. Even if you are in a large corporate headquarters, you’re still going to need to arrange your office environment to look clean and neat for employees and customers. Corporate offices can also benefit from a storage unit when they are relocating to another building.

Creative Businesses

Any artist or creative business is always going to need extra space to do their projects or store their designs. Creatives can use a storage unit to store supplies, props, pottery, decor items, machinery, canvases, and their finished products. These business owners can also use a storage space to organize their documents.

Real Estate

If you’re selling a home, storage space will be beneficial for you and your client. You can use a storage unit to hold furnishings, decor, lawn equipment, maintenance supplies, promotional materials, or other items used for home staging. Real estate agents also need different types of home decor to suit a certain aesthetic, so you will need more space to keep them secure. Especially if your client roster goes up, you’re going to need multiple units to keep everything organized.

Premier Storage Can Assist Your Business

If you are needing assistance with finding the right amount of storage for your business, Premier Storage can help by using the storage calculator for general size questions. For more customized quotes, contact us today to set up a tour of our units and look over your options!