Self-Storage for Small Businesses

small business owner taking orders and packing boxes
It takes a lot to manage a small business. Lots of energy. Lots of equipment. And lots of space! Whether you work from home or out of an office–self-storage can give you greater control over how you manage your operations. And while it’s a great feeling to have an increase in demand, it can also feel stressful trying to keep up with it all! Let’s talk about the biggest benefits you’ll have from renting self-storage.

7 Reasons Small Businesses Need Self-Storage

Just starting out and need a way to organize your business launch? Or is your business ready to scale to the next level? There’s no shortage of ways for small businesses to maximize self-storage units. Here are seven reasons why self-storage could be the perfect solution for you.

1. Gets Rid of Clutter

Who likes clutter? Staying organized is one of the most challenging (and important) areas of running an efficient small business. Take advantage of self-storage by keeping all your paperwork and records neatly sorted away, along with anything else cluttering the office. You can even rent climate-controlled units to secure important documents safely inside so they won’t be affected by hot or cold weather elements.

2. Cuts Down Expenses

Many small business owners need more space but don’t want to deal with the increased expenses that come with moving their operations to a larger facility. A financially convenient option is to make the most out of self-storage. That way, you can scale up business operations without having to deal with the scaled-up expenses.

3. Stores Excess Inventory

It can be hard to find places to store all the extra inventory that comes from managing eCommerce and retail stores. After all, there are only so many closets to cram things in. One of the best reasons to rent self-storage is to keep all your inventory in one convenient place. You will no longer have to search multiple locations to find the items you need. You can rent a unit, organize and label the inventory, and have a private operations center for managing extra stock.

4. Keeps Equipment Secure

One of the most popular reasons to rent self-storage is to store business tools. Landscaping businesses rent units to store lawn equipment. Construction contractors tend to store supplies like sheetrock, lumber, and larger equipment. Restaurant owners can store excess supplies away to make more room in the kitchen for immediate needs. It’s even a great option for real estate brokers, who can save space by storing all their home staging supplies until needed. There’s no end to how small business owners can benefit from all this extra space.

5. Protects Your Vehicles

Got a company car or cargo van? You can get those vehicles off the street and into a safely secured self-storage space. When your livelihood relies on these vehicles, you can’t risk somebody breaking into them overnight. And if you park your vehicle in the driveway or garage? Now you can free up space by keeping them out of the driveway.

6. Storage is Expandable

You only have so much space to work with when running a small business out of your home or office. And while you could rent a warehouse, the enormous costs put that option way out of line for many business owners. A much cheaper option? You can rent multiple self-storage units as you expand your operations. It’s a fast and easy solution that can grow along with you.

7. Creates a Flexible Operation

Not looking to expand? Self-storage is a flexible option for anyone looking to streamline their operation. You can downsize units if you decide to limit the services you provide. And later, upgrade your storage unit if you change your mind. Storage units are a much more flexible way of managing your business than handling the logistics of switching facilities.

In Boise & Meridian, Premier Storage Can Help

It’s a huge relief not to worry about where to keep all your equipment and supplies. The flexibility self-storage provides can take the weight off your shoulders, giving you greater control over running your business. Are you unsure of how much storage space you will need for your business? Use our storage calculator to help you find a unit match.
Are you a small business owner in the Treasure Valley? Contact Premier Storage to get started with storage solutions to help your business.