Self-Storage Can Be a Lifesaver During Your Relocation to Boise

Moving to a beautiful place like Boise, Idaho is exciting, but it can also come with a lot of stress. The more you prepare beforehand, the less you have to worry on moving day. Get your checklist ready and follow these tips for how self storage can help you in your relocation.

Get a Head Start

Renting a storage unit before your move will allow you to relocate your belongings as you pack them, freeing up space and giving you more time. Your self storage unit can store your things you know you will be keeping, helping you to better assess what items in your home you might want to get rid of. This way you can be sure you aren’t unnecessarily moving things to your new home that you don’t actually want to keep. You will clear up room in your house to prepare for your big move, making things less cluttered as you load everything up to leave.

If you are selling your current house, decluttering will also give potential buyers the ability to see themselves and their possessions in the home. Buyers being able to see themselves living in a house can make all the difference, so moving your extra things into a self storage unit may seal the deal in your home sale.

A Secure Place for Your Things

The housing market can be unpredictable when finding a new place to live. You may have already sold your old house or moved out of a rental before you are able to move into your new place. Having a self storage unit is a necessity during moves like these. With a variety of unit sizes, you can ensure all of your valuable possessions can be stored until your new home in Boise is ready for move-in. With features like climate control and video surveillance, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe and secure while you prepare for your relocation.

Plan Your Move

Efficient preparation is key for a big move, but moving day doesn’t always go according to plan. Having a backup plan will help you overcome obstacles and delays. A detailed travel route with gas stations and overnight stops can help you make sure you stay on track. If your trip does get delayed, knowing that your belongings are secure in a self storage unit can put your mind at ease. You can take your time unpacking at a pace that works for you once you have arrived at your new home.

Unpack Like a Pro

Once you have made it to Boise, you can review your new home’s layout to decide where your furniture and belongings will go. You can unload moving boxes in their corresponding rooms. Unpacking boxes in your most-used rooms like your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom will allow you to feel settled quickly while giving you time to focus on making the rest of your house functional.

Before you get to Boise, be sure to lease a storage facility for any items that may not work in your new home. You’ll be happy to have the extra space while you take your time to get a better sense of where things will belong in your new home. You may also realize that you have additional items to store as you unpack.


By establishing a storage unit ahead of your relocation, you can better prepare for moving day. You can fill up a self storage unit as you begin to pack, leaving less stress during the actual move. By utilizing self storage after you get to your new home, you can take your time bringing your belongings into your new home and make sure you are able to explore your new community. Moving can be a stressful situation, but a reliable, affordable and secure self storage facility can be a lifesaver during your relocation.