How Short-Term Storage Can During Moving or Building a Home

couple excitedly looking at home build in progress
As adults, walking into your freshly constructed home is quite possibly the closest we get to that "I'm going to Disneyland!" feeling. However, before you can get to that point, you need to figure out how to move your entire life's worth of stuff from wherever you were before. And trust us, you never truly know how much stuff you actually have until you are forced to move it around. Luckily, we have a solution to ease any new home stresses: short-term storage. Some people forget that storage doesn't have to be forever! It only has to last as long as you need it. Let's discuss a few great reasons to consider short-term storage while your future dream house is being built.

You Can Move Out (and In) at Your Own Pace

One of the most stressful parts of moving into a new home is the tiny, dollop-sized window of time in which you have to entirely vacate one premise and move into another. However, a short-term storage unit rental completely eradicates this issue.
Here's how:
  • Less work on move-in day. You can move as much or as little stuff as you want on day one. Everything else can happily chill in the storage unit until you're ready.
  • Intentional timing. You can take your time moving items in healthy intervals instead of anxiety-fueled sprints from one location to another over the course of 16 hours.
  • Move boxes to storage as they're ready. This makes it feel less like manual labor and more like running a quick chore before grabbing half-price apps during Happy Hour.
Unpacking is 100% easier. For example, you opened a box whose contents need to be placed in a specific cabinet. However, that particular cabinet is behind several other boxes, and those boxes have equally obstructed locations for their contents. So now it's going to take several hours and at least three room rearrangements to unpack your kitchen. So let's avoid that migraine by moving boxes from storage back to your home in a semi-organized manner.

Your Current Home is Sale-Ready, Faster

Realtors recommend making your home as clutter- and personality-free as possible. When people shop for a house, they tend to imagine how it would look if they were living in the home as they view it. This isn't possible when a bunch of other people's stuff still obstructs the home's true bones. Space is the number one selling factor for homes, and when that space is full of strangers' things, it doesn't look like space at all. By moving all that clutter to storage while leaving just the necessities as you wait for your new home to be complete, you're able to present a much clearer product to potential buyers. Tips to ensure you're moving the right stuff to storage before you try to show your home to buyers:
  • Clear that garage! Buyers want to know how many vehicles, lawnmowers, BBQ grills, and random tubs of their *own* stuff they can fit in it.
  • Declutter or clear shelves—kitchen shelves, bookshelves, closet shelves, bathroom shelves, you name it. Shelves mean built-in organized storage, arguably the best kind of storage.
  • Limit loose items in large rooms and keep larger items away from doors or windows. This prevents the area from feeling smaller than it is.
  • Organize and minimize cabinet clutter. It's impressive that you fit three wholesale pallets of green beans in the cupboard, but if buyers can't see the full scope of the cabinet space, then there is no cabinet space.

You Have a Contingency Plan if Construction is Delayed

We've all been victims of delayed construction, whether it's a long-awaited chain restaurant that's been pushed off for yet another six months or the three-way highway that's been narrowed to a single lane for way too long. However, when you have a deadline to move out of your recently sold home, a construction delay for your new house can mean that you suddenly have an entire building's worth of stuff to move without a suitable location to move it to. While you may have the option to stay with friends or family or at a hotel, your belongings probably do not. This is where short-term storage comes in! If you've incorporated a short-term storage unit into your moving plan already, you won't ever have to worry about deadlines, delays, or changed plans—your stuff is safe no matter what.

You Can Store New Home Purchases

Storing everything from your current home in short-term storage while you wait for your new home to finish up is beneficial. But what might be equally important is having a place to store all your new home purchases before move-in. You saw a lamp on sale at your local home store, but you don't want to have yet another *thing* to move out of your house? Don't worry, just put it in storage! Some sort of magical buy-one-get-one sale on appliances popped up? Buy everything and throw it in storage! Or buy two of everything! Go crazy! Just know that having a designated space for these purchases can help you get well ahead of your new home purchasing needs.

Who Should You Store With?

We know that storing your belongings anywhere but home can be intimidating. That's why you need to store with a company you can trust—and Premier Storage is here to help! We offer a wide variety of storage options and can customize a package to fit your exact storage needs. Feel free to contact us today to answer any additional questions or set up a tour of our facilities!